Detailed description of the SWEET DEATH fizzy whey zombi

Detailed description of the SWEET DEATH fizzy whey zombi

 Any person, who visits the gym, has heard the word “protein”. There is much talk about the proteins but very few people know what this substance really stands for. Well, get acquainted – his majesty Protein- organic substance, high molecular compound, consisting of amino acids that form polypeptide. Protein is composed of 20 amino acids, that is why its role in life and normal development of any human organism can hardly be overestimated. Any muscle tissue is based on protein, i.e. albumen, therefore the lack of protein in the body effects the overall development.

Protein in the life of a sportsman

Biological functions of protein in the body are various, but for gym enthusiasts its capacity to promote the growth of muscle mass and to decrease the fat tissue is the most important.

The protein cocktail, taken by most sportsmen, facilitates a normal enhancement of muscles and provides the necessary nutritional substances and energy for the muscle tissue that is steadily exposed to heavy loads. 

Any popular product is cannot avoid imitating and poor quality copies. Being aware of the market problems and an avalanche of low quality, cheap and inefficient food supplements, a company Zombilab has created an innovative product that shook the market of sport nutrition – a whey protein SWEET DEATH fizzy whey zombi.

Peculiarity of this complex is in its composition-

-          Whey protein concentrate helps to gain a “dry” muscle mass, burn off the fat and maintain a regular physical condition during periodic intermissions. According the ranking that is the best protein implemented in sport nutrition, but the SWEET DEATH fizzy whey zombi is superior to other complexes due to sparkling formula. Foamy cocktail delivers the proteins directly to the cells much faster, as the sparkling formula is swiftly digested in the stomach and absorbs already in the mouth cavity.

-          Lecithin- the cell membranes are built on the basis of this complex compound of ether and 2 fatty acids.  This substance facilitates digestion of vitamins, nourishes the whole nervous system and constitutes construction material for cells of brain.

Lecithin complements the sparkling protein and makes up a wonderful duo with the milk whey, which helps the bodybuilders to support and nourish the muscles and literally structures every muscle, affected by the training complex. Besides, lecithin has positive effect on liver and cures indigestion, which is substantial for starting athletes, newcomers at the area of diets and sport nutrition.

-          Baking soda and citric acid are the substances that, while joint in the water, form a sharp gas release, turning the   SWEET DEATH fizzy whey zombi to a gaseous cocktail.   Baking soda helps to regulate acidity in the stomach and to maintain a general acidity level in the body. In compound with the citric acid baking soda permits a sportsman to keep a normal level of both acidity and pH.


Not all proteins are the same

Many sportsmen buy protein in wholesale in the view of its steady consumption. Effectively, the wholesale purchase spares money in comparison to retail, but it hardly matters if the cocktail is flushed in the toilet instead of being digested in the body. A gaseous cocktail by Zombilab digests much better due to its sparkling formula. The gas, emitted by the cocktail, is saturated with all necessary components and starts the blood absorption already on the tongue.

The protein supplements are necessary for bodybuilders, as they are exposed to constant loads and the cell structure of muscles is based on protein. By the lack of proper quantities of this substance the loads lose any sense and even get harmful, destructing the muscles. The whey protein SWEET DEATH fizzy whey zombi helps the body in construction of new cells, muscle enhancement, getting tough and healthy.