Detailed description of the SCREAM - HARDCORE AMIONO MIX

Detailed description of the SCREAM - HARDCORE AMIONO MIX

No training complex would provide a fast and comprehensive result unless the muscles obtain sufficient nutritional substances. The greater loads the muscle fibres receive - the more creatine and amino acids for the cells must be delivered. Ask any biologist or horticulturist – you never have a good crop without fertilizers. Amino acids are real fertilizers for muscles of an athlete. They make the muscles stronger, more rigid and strength.

Professional researchers of a company     Zombilab managed to create a real sensation – mix of amino acids SCREAM - HARDCORE AMIONO MIX. This additive would become a starting point for the muscles of beginners. The muscles of an athlete feel it particularly hard during the first months as they must readjust for another working pace and the necessary amino acids must be delivered in much larger amounts. Singularity of a SCREAM - HARDCORE AMIONO MIX is in its composition, which contains together with a popular and familiar complex BCAA some other kinds of amino acids for a swift readjustment, rehabilitation and acceleration of a muscle fibre.

If you want to understand your body better and become a real professional – here is the recipe, elaborated by best experts of Zombilab-

- The three leaders inside a classic BCAA complex are L-valine, L-leucine and L-isoleucine. These guys always work together and help every muscle be filled with energy, to recover after charging and to grow. Still, there is one “contra”- they are not fast enough, while a young and inexperienced organism requires a swift response for a strong effect – that is why you must help them.

- L-lysine is an indispensible acid for development of different proteins, antibodies and hormones. Its principle target – prevention of overloading of heart, as this amino acid gives birth to carnitine – a unique protector of the main muscle.

- Methionine operates as a strong fighter against cholesterol and corrects the neutral fat in liver.

- Threonine – our body can not generate it independently – it only comes with food.  Threonine is one of indispensible amino acids in our complex. It maintains the protein balance, strengthens the myocardium and shapes the muscle protein through regulation of central nervous system.

- Tryptophane is indispensible for generation of grow hormone – essential for any bodybuilder in regard of acceleration and flexibility of muscles.

- L-tyrosine enhances endurance , critical for high loads

- Cysteine – after active training the muscles accumulate alien particles that empoison the body and cause pain. Cysteine is an amino acid that extricates all toxins. It is a must for a sportsman because a fast rehabilitation is a part of a training cycle.


Today the bodybuilders argue whether they‘d better consume expanded complexes of amino acids or familiar BCAA are sufficient.  The answer of Zombilab experts is pretty simple – beginners must choose a mix of amino acids, while experts should turn to the complex BCAA FIZZY BRAIN that maintains a normal rate of amino acids and a steady growth of muscles.