Detailed description of the Pre-workout mix CRASHER

Detailed description of the Pre-workout mix CRASHER

One of the ways to show your reach inner world to the people is a beautiful and healthy body. Most high –energy people wish to have a fit body nowadays. But pushing the bar does not mean being slim and attractive. Correct training means following the diet, taking sport nutrition, pre-training complexes, maintaining the day regimen and taking regular exercises in the gym.    All this requires a steel-like power of will rather than dumbells.  But such pace of life leads to physical and spiritual exhaustion, requiring an extra energy charging. Where do we take it?

A charge for training

Experts, engaged in the sport nutrition branch, have noticed that there exist the substances which, when taken before training, improve the results shown by sportsmen. These substances have formed the basis of pre-training complex.

Years have passed since introduction of the first complex and its composition have been ultimately changed.  New generation of these products is much more efficient and safe than outdated analogues. One of the best is a Crasher by ZombiLab. In case if you are completely exhausted right before the training – just take Crasher and your powers would boost.

The secret is in the formula

Thoroughly selected composition enabled the manufacturer to compile a great pre-training complex that both stimulates and protects.

By taking the Crasher you can be sure in the following-

-          Caffeine helps to get back to a regular active life, provides strength and power for the super training

-          L-tyrosine increases endurance of a weakened organism and helps to achieve the desired results.

-           AAKG  provides the necessary nutrition for the muscles and increases the strength indexes by certain exercises

-          Beta-alanine strongly combats against the neuromuscular fatigue and the muscle fever in the morning after the training

-          Creatine makes a part of a complex, because the transport systems inside the pre-training complex Crasher facilitate digestion.

-          Yohimbine helps to dry the muscles and strongly enhance libido

-          Vitamin C effectively accompanies beta-alanine and restores the power , decreasing the point of fatigue.

Efficiency of pre-training complex Crasher has been proven over times- at first you get the second breath, then the third one, the twenty second « second breath» - thus securing incredible results.


Stream your energy in right direction!

Don’t forget – a strong pre-training complex secures good results when your energy is driven in the right direction. Draw up the training program together with the coach, otherwise with such determination charge you might crush the gym you are used to exercise in. Correctly directed effect of pre-training complex Crasher resembles a submarine explosion – at first you see nothing, and then the result surpasses all expectations.


Smart investment

On the basis of rating of pre-training complexes one can choose the right one and buy it at exorbitant price. But don’t forget that in this case 40% of the cost is paid for advertising. By searching for a reasonable investment in your proper body consider that pre-training complex Crasher provides an immense effect at much more affordable price. Having ones bought this complex you will obtain incredible force for the training forever at a reasonable price.