Detailed description of the KILLER - HARDCORE CREATIN MIX

Detailed description of the KILLER - HARDCORE CREATIN MIX

Knowledge is power. When you know what your muscles need you become attractive and strong much faster. The very first thing the sportsmen must learn – your muscled need creatine. In the past the sportsmen had to mix certain amount of meat, fish, different proteins and carbohydrates in the blender to receive the proper quantity of creatine. Nowadays the company Zombilab offers a more simple and accessible way to saturate the muscle fibres with the necessary creatine- an additive to sport nutrition KILLER - HARDCORE CREATIN MIX.


Super cocktail

To put it in brief, creatine is an acid that helps the muscles to perform the energy exchange, thus getting stronger and healthier. However, ingenious mother- nature created a human as a set of individual peculiarities, which might change as a function of external circumstances. 

Sportsmen know that every organism accepts and ingests that kind of creatine which is required in any particular moment.  Therefore it is impossible to define a kind of creatine that matches for improvement of common indexes better than others. Considering this fact, a company Zombilab has created a real cocktail, one should say a mix of creatines, which provides a required amount of valuable substances for sportsmen in any case.

This is a recipe that helps the muscle fibres shape, recover and stiffen faster-

-          Creatine hydrochloride was created relatively recently, but the clinical research has shown that it is digested by far faster than creatine monohydrate. Due to better solubility in water creatine hydrochloride penetrates the cells and saturates them with energy faster.

-          Magnesium creatine chelate – introduction of magnesium molecule helps the cells to absorb liquid faster, than dissolved creatine

-          Creatine malate – mixture with apple acid takes an active part in the Krebs cycle and helps the body generate energy. This substance increases endurance of a sportsman and efficiency of training

-          Creatine ethylic ether is a real bomb in the creatine mixture KILLER. It swiftly penetrates the cells and restores the required amount of liquid in them, improves the synthesis of proteins, promotes acceleration of a muscle mass, securing good result even in small doses.

-          Alfa- ketoglutarat provides better adaptation to heavy loads; it is an indispensable participant of aerobic energy metabolism.

-          Creatine pyruvate helps to increase the cell volume of a “dry” muscle mass, increasing the muscles grow. Consumption of creatine pyruvate does not require an auxiliary loading phase, i.e. this substance digests in the body at once.

-          Creatine citrate is a mixture with citric or apple acid. It helps the body to generate auxiliary energy.

-          Taurine is a substance that stimulates growth hormone and a strong antioxidant, preventing injuries of ligaments and joints.


The main peculiarity which makes the mixture of creatines so effective is the fact that every organism would find its own way of digestion – one sportsman gets the necessary dose through the blood,     another – through the lymph, but the muscles of both would get ever stronger. 


Strong men do not believe gossip

Requesting “creatine” in Internet, we would learn that it is out of use or we must buy one from a certain “mega-manufacturer” at a price of apartment. A smart athlete, both starting and experienced, would only trust experts. A creatine mixture KILLER - HARDCORE CREATIN MIX was developed and verified by experts, who have direct interest in promotion of heavier loads without taking the last penny of a customer. Selecting a sport additive with creatine do not trust expensive advertising – trust verified data.