Detailed description of the BCAA - FIZZY BRAIN

Detailed description of the BCAA - FIZZY BRAIN

It is extremely hard to accelerate the dry muscle mass at a constant   load increase without the right nutrition. The muscles grow only by obtaining sufficient construction material. A human body is capable of synthesizing the major necessary nutrition complexes independently, but it does not create the vital amino acids.

Amino acids are the crucial construction material for muscles. We can get it only from food, that is why for both starting and experienced sportsmen the complex of amino acids BCAA is the must. The list of complexes, offered at the market of sport nutrition, is effectively uncountable, but not all advertised variants provide actual results. Experts of a company Zombilab have explored the very root of a problem and have found solution in the complex BCAA - FIZZY BRAIN. The principal advantage of this complex is its sparkling formula that permits to start digestion from the very mouth, thus reaching the muscles much faster.

The classic set of 3 amino acids-L- leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine- is the basis of this magic substance.

L- leucine – all natural proteins contain this amino acid, as it secures a normal growth of muscle fibres. L-valine- increases coordination of muscles and decreases sensitivity of body against pain, participates in the synthesis of tissues, thus holding direct responsibility for muscles growth. L-isoleucine – the source of endurance, energy and recovery for any sportsman. Beta-alanine- provides extra-recovery of muscles upon heavy charges and prevents overstressing. Maltodextrin – facilitates the three amino acids to work in a right direction. Soda and citric acid in the moment of water dilution create a sparkling mixture that serves as a basis of a cocktail. Apart from that, these two substances maintain a normal PH-level. 

L- leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine make a part of any complex of amino acids bcaa. One might assume that BCAA - FIZZY BRAIN has no differences compared to other products. That is wrong. Perfect results, secured by this Zombilab complex, are provided by correctly calculated proportion, making it completely digestible for the body. A sparkling formula serves as auxiliary “carrier”, transporting amino acids directly to muscle cells.

Sparkling BCAA

BCAA - FIZZY BRAIN is perceived by the body much easier due to its sparkling formula. The most speed -acting anti febrile agents have a sparkling nature either.  A gaseous cocktail, formed by BCAA - FIZZY BRAIN, start to digest even at the mouth and flows straight away to the blood, easily penetrating the muscles. By consuming a complex of amino acids bcaa before the training, a sportsman secures the necessary construction materials for muscle fibre and receives additional energy. By consuming a sparkling complex after the training, any gym enthusiast preserves accelerated muscles’ volume, as the complex perfectly prevents the muscles from destruction.

Innovations provide the result

A market of sport nutrition is stuffed with different complexes. However, their efficiency is far from being ensured.  Any sportsman can buy bcaa amino acids, but the most experienced always prefer an advanced BCAA - FIZZY BRAIN, which was developed on the basis of requirements of sportsmen, striving to achieve ideal ratio of amino acids and the swiftest response on the part of muscles. The work in this direction has led to another product, perfectly matching for the moments of highest tension – a mix of amino acids SCREAM - HARDCORE AMIONO MIX.